O & M Services

We move in accordance with the chosen strategy

Operations and Maintenance Packages

As a way to simplify and prevent potential maintenance costs before they occur, we offer extensive Operations and Maintenance Packages.  These are typically more cost effective for commercial systems, but are not limited by any system size.  O & M packages are a cost effective means for owners of larger PV systems to ensure certain levels of production and leave the tracking of system performance to experienced professionals.

A very cost-effective means of Operations and Maintenance can be achieved with a simple performance analysis and PV system reporting schedule.  We offer services to monitor and report on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis providing measured system performance, savings analysis, and in-depth studies outlining all aspects of your system.  This is a low cost insurance policy to protect your investment.

Residential Maintenance Services

We understand the need for residential system maintenance.  We offer low-cost solutions for all aspects of Residential System Maintenance.  We understand that the savings on a typical Residential PV System is not enough to warrant spending several hundred dollars on maintenance and trouble shooting.  We offer homeowners a one-stop shop for all PV system solutions.  We guarantee whatever the issue, we can pinpoint and solve it within one hour.